Snow Removal

Snow Removal


During the winter, snow can cause a lot of problems for your roof.

Condensation problems are quite common, quickly leading to the formation of mold and mildew on the interior of your home. This will become a serious problem if there is inadequate ventilation in areas such as the attic.

Sloping roofs are also prone to leaking flashing at these times of the year. If your flashings are not properly installed, or have started getting out of place, leaking becomes almost inevitable.

Ice dams might not be a very common occurrence, but they do happen – and they are no less dangerous in the kind of damages they are capable of.

Icicles are yet another dangerous effect of snowing on roofs. No matter how beautiful they look, they always pose a security threat to pets and humans alike.

To combat all of these, our professionals have been trained in identifying possible snowing problems that might affect your roof.

Besides removing the snow completely, we will also suggest insulation and ventilation tips to ensure it doesn’t become a serious problem in the future.